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Forum Terms & Rules (PLEASE READ!)

Forum Guidelines:

As implied in the title, this forum is for Women ONLY! Please see the current poll regarding a possible future “Men’s Room” for male input.

Obviously I have no way of knowing if a registering member is being honest when claiming to be a woman...if I or one of the moderators even suspects a member to be male, they will be immediately banned.

“Netiquette” Guidelines to be followed:

Lurk, yes lurk!
When first joining, (after your initial post in the "Board Rules and Guidelines" forum) monitor the messages for a few days to get a feel for what common questions are asked, and what topics are deemed off-limits. This is commonly referred to as lurking. When you feel comfortable, then start posting.

SPAMMING will result in an immediate and irreversible BANNING!
Within the context of MyFlatsyForum, "spamming" refers to repeatedly posting redundant messages on a particular topic, or multiple topics in a particular forum and/or category, or in other words…"Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages".

Don't be a troll
A "troll" refers to someone who repeatedly posts the same message in a forum (spamming) or someone who enters a forum purely to flame other participants. "Trolling" is not acceptable and will result in that member being banned. A "troll" can also refer to someone who has multiple usernames on the same forum.

Stay on topic
When you submit an off-topic post to a thread, it detracts from the discussion at hand. If you wish to discuss a new topic, please begin a new thread. If another person posts a comment or question that is off the subject, do NOT reply to the list and keep the off- subject conversation going. When someone posts an off-subject note, and someone else criticizes that posting, you should NOT submit a gratuitous note saying "well, I liked it and lots of people probably did as well and …".

Quoting another person
When quoting another person, edit out whatever isn't directly applicable to your reply. Don't let your post automatically quote the entire body of messages you are replying to when it's not necessary. Nobody likes reading a long message in quotes for the third or fourth time, only to be followed by a one line response: "Yeah, me too."

Don't type in all capital letters
Typing in all capital letters on the Internet is considered rude because it is difficult to read and comes across as very aggressive. Turn off your caps lock before posting!

Try to spell correctly and use proper grammar
You should make every effort to spell correctly and use proper grammar within forums and discussion groups. If a post is incoherent, moderators and administrators may delete it.

*** (Please remember, private forums are not a democracy, the right to free speech does not apply. If the forum guidelines are not followed, out of consideration to those members who do choose to follow them in order to enjoy the forum, those who do not will be banned.) ***
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